Journal Scope

An academic manuscript must fit the domain and scope of the target journal. Not meeting this essential condition is a sure-shot way of getting your paper rejected without peer review. Journal Scope’s matching algorithm and NLP technique inform you whether the concepts in your manuscript fall within the scope of the journal you have selected. If needed, it also recommends journals which match your manuscript.

Your manuscript matches the scope of the journal

  • Target domain Medicine
  • Target journalNeuropsychology
  • Matched score 98.04

Language Check 7 Checks

A well-written manuscript helps the reviewer/reader focus on the study. If the writing contains many grammar and syntax errors or unidiomatic/awkward phrasing, the editor may ask you to revise and resubmit your paper or may reject it. Language Check detects errors in grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, style and academic tone of the paper and alerts you to non-native-like phrasing. This module is powered by rules written and tested by language professionals with rich experience in the academic publishing industry and cutting-edge deep learning algorithms. It then informs you if the language of your paper is good enough for submission or if it needs editing.

  • Grammar, Usage, and Syntax
    Example - 1

    Most of the VacA is containcontained in the membranes of vacuoles.

    Comment: Verb form: Change the verb 'contain' to its past participle form or -ing form, or insert 'to' before this verb, or delete 'is'.

    Example - 2

    The yak were colored white to distinguish them, but it was difficult to make out the difference.

    Comment: Possible missing verb: Please check if a verb like 'is' or 'was' is required after 'it'.

  • Spelling and Typos
    Example - 1

    Affinity for LFA-1 may be of general importance in the immuno-suppressive effctseffects of VacA.

    Comment: Please check the spelling.

    Example - 2

    LFA-1 is also exposed on the surface of other lukocytesleukocytes including granulocytes.

    Comment: Please check the spelling.

  • Writing Enhancement
    Example - 1

    The yak like to roam freely in nature and do grazing graze in pastures with their herders guarding them.

    Comment: Eliminate wordiness: Here 'do' denotes action, but 'grazing' denotes the real action, thus making this phrase redundant. Change 'do grazing' to the present or past tense form of 'grazing'. There could be prepositions connected with 'grazing' that need to be deleted or an adverb that should be shifted.

    Example - 2

    They’reThey are terrified and could have undergone trauma.

    Comment: Formal writing tip: Use 'They are'. Contractions are usually spelled out in academic papers.

  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Word Choice and Usage
  • US/UK Style


The manuscript must contain original research work, and studies of other authors must be appropriately acknowledged and cited. Not doing so is considered unethical and is often a cause of rejection. The Plagiarism module runs its advanced algorithm to semantically match your text against thousands of sources and identifies potential plagiarism so that you can revise or cite the sources.



The English article system could be learned through the separation between classification (a and zero) and identification (the).

Score 93.07%


Parsers adhere to the principles of robustness, augmentation and concurrency.

Score 48.3%


The last decades of the 20th century have witnessed a surge in the publication of research articles authored by NNS scholars in international peer-reviewed English journals (Wood, 2001).

Score 07.2%

Ethical Compliance 2 Checks

Research ethics is extremely critical to the integrity of any journal. It directly links to publication ethics and is part of the manuscript technical screening process. Your manuscript must reflect and explicitly mention the appropriate ethical standards for your field to ensure the quality and integrity of research. Our Ethical Compliance algorithm tells you if crucial ethical statements are missing from your paper. Such statements include ethics review board approvals, consent statements, and appropriate statements for human or animal experimentation, animal rights, or hazards.

1. Informed Consent
Statement - Informed, written consent was obtained from all participating families.

2. Ethics Statement
Statement - The experimental protocol (Protocol XXX, approval date XXX) was approved by the Ethical Committee of the University of XXX.

Disclosures 2 Checks

Any conflict of interest must be mentioned upfront in your manuscript. This ensures transparency and lets the reader understand the study in perspective. If disclosure statements are missing during the manuscript technical screening round, your manuscript can be returned without peer review. Our Disclosures algorithm will alert you to missing disclosures such as funding, consultancy positions, and conflict of interest.

1. Conflict of interest
Statement - The authors declare no competing interests.

2. Financial Disclosure
Statement - This study was funded by XXX Society.

Author Contribution 1 Check

Clear author attribution ensures transparency and author accountability and gives credit where credit is due. Problems in authorship can lead to delays in publication or post-publication disputes. Hence, journals advise authors to include details about the role of each author in the study. Author Contribution check informs you about missing authorship details.

Author contribution

Study concept and design - Author-1, Author-2, Author-3, Author-4
Drafting of manuscript - Author-1
Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content - Author-1, Author-2, Author-3, Author-4
Statistical analysis - Author-1
Interpretation of data - Author-1, Author-2, Author-3, Author-4.

Inclusive Language

The language of a manuscript must be objective and suitable for an international readership. Biased, offensive, racist or sexist expressions should be avoided. The Inclusive Language matching algorithm points out potentially biased terms and gives you tips on how to revise them.

Example - 1

Social problems among epileptics

Comment: Bias-free language tip: Use people-first language to maintain the integrity and worth of all people as human beings. Replace 'epileptics' with 'individuals with epilepsy' or 'people with epilepsy'.

Example - 2

The Industrial Revolution brought about an irreversible transformation in mankind’s relationship with nature.

Comment: Bias-free language tip: To avoid gender-biased language, consider using ‘humankind’, ‘human beings’, ‘humanity’, ‘human race’, or ‘humans’ instead of ‘mankind’. However, if this term is required by the context, please retain the word choice.

Figures & Tables

Figures and tables must be mentioned in the main text, and illustrations should be present either in the manuscript or in a supplementary file. Many journals instruct authors to mention illustrations in numerical order in the paper. If an illustration number is missing or not ordered, it may appear to be missing or misaligned, leading to the editor rejecting the manuscript before peer review. Figures & Tables check will detect missing numbers or ordering issues.

Example - 1
  • Figure 5 is cited before Figure 2.
  • Tables 3, 4, 6 missing.

Word Count Reduction

Concise writing makes your content clear, direct and impactful. Some journals set a specific word limit for articles. Word Count Reduction uses linguistically informed, hand-crafted rules validated and tested by academic copyeditors to eliminate wordiness, zombie nouns and other expressions that make the writing vague and clumsy.

Example - 1

These patients indicated that FMS had brought about a decreasedecreased in their QOL.

Comment: Word count reduction tip: To make this phrase more lively and concise, consider substituting it with the tense-matched form of 'decrease'.

Example - 2

They do contain errors which are sufficiently large asenough to be worrisome.

Comment: Word count reduction tip: Replace the highlighted phrase with 'large enough to'.